Choosing your accommodation

This article introduces typical accommodation options available and provides some tips for making the right choice for you.


Once you have an offer of a place at university you will need to think about where you would like to live. If you decide that you want to live away from home, your chosen university typically offers a variety of accommodation options suited to different budget, group sizes and lifestyle preferences.

How could this affect me?

As you spend a lot of time in your accommodation, it is important that you make the right choice for you. You may be sharing facilities such as kitchen and social spaces with your flatmates. Everybody has their own way of living, socialising and thresholds for cleanliness and noise levels.

During our research, autistic students have told us things they liked and didn’t like about their accommodation. These were related to the size of rooms, noise levels, distance to shops, availability of quiet spaces, the study choices and maturity of fellow tenants, and more.

What to do next?

Find out more about the options available at your university and choose your accommodation

Practical tips

There are 2 options available if you choose to live away from home; living in Halls of Residence (sometimes just known as “Halls”), or living in privately rented accommodation.

You can find out more about the UCA halls of residence here.

If you decide that halls are not for you and you would prefer to rent privately, you can find information here.

Questions to think about

Think about:

  • Whether you want to live in a lively place in the city centre, or if you would prefer a quieter location outside of the city?
  • Do you want accommodation that offers its own social calendar?
  • Do you need an en-suite room?
  • Do you want to be close to the University?
  • Think about how you will get to University? Will you walk, cycle, travel by public transport?
  • How many people you would be comfortable sharing with?

Additional information and links

Applying for accommodation in halls at UCA

If you decide that you would like to live in halls, we would encourage you to apply as soon as possible – there is no need to wait for your results.

You need to apply through our online accommodation portal. You’ll also be able to get information on residence fees and periods of residence through the portal.

Let us which accommodation and room type you’d prefer. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get your first choice, but we’ll take you preferences into account when we allocate rooms.

Private rental

If you’re a returning student, or a new student who didn’t manage to get a room in halls, you can search for private rented accommodation. You may also prefer this option, if you feel that halls just aren’t for you.

You may want to rent a flat or house with a group of friends, or search for a room in a family home. Whatever you choose, renting privately means managing your bills and dealing with a landlord or letting agent – but it also means greater independence.

You can find out more about private rentals here.



About the author

This article was written by Kate Walker, Disability Advisor at Leeds Beckett University and Jackie Hagan, Learning Support Coordinator, UCA Rochester.