Living away from home

Living away from home for the first time can be both exciting and daunting.  This section will give you some hints and tips on how to cope with the transition from living at home to independent living.


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Most students choose to live in halls of residence (usually known just as ‘halls’) for their first year.  You will have your own bedroom, usually en suite, and kitchen facilities that are shared between several of the rooms.  You should bring in your own pots and pans, crockery, bedding etc., and personal items to make your room feel like home.

You can find out about the halls of residence at each of our campuses here.

How might this affect me?

There are many things to consider when living away from home for the first time; you will be cooking for yourself, doing your own laundry and housework, meeting and getting on with new people…this is both exciting and daunting!

Many students find it tricky initially, to get a day-to-day routine in place.  Everybody is different, so it is finding out what works for you.  You may prefer to do your shopping on a daily basis, or you might want to do a big shop once a week, for example.  You may also need to tailor your routine to fit in with your flatmates’ routines to some extent; for example, who uses the cooker at what time.  Compromise is key!

Hints and tips

If you have never cooked before, have a practice before you leave home

Invest in a student cookbook

Sort out cupboard and fridge shelves with your flatmates, so that everyone knows where they can store their own stuff

If you have space in a freezer, consider making big batches of meals and freezing them in smaller portions, to save time when you come back from lectures

If the supermarket is far away, consider getting together with your flatmates to do an online shop

Figure out how you are going to do your laundry; are there facilities on site or will you have to go to a laundry?

Make sure that you have signed up with a local doctor

Make sure that you have a calendar to note down appointments

Set alarms on your phone to remind you of deadlines and appointments







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Article written by Jackie Hagan, Learning Support Coordinator, UCA Rochester