What support is available at the University for the Creative Arts?

An introduction to the support and services available at UCA


UCA Student Services offers support, information and guidance on any disability related matters within our University. Support is available to students with a range of disabilities and long term conditions such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, a mental health condition (e.g. depression, anxiety, etc.), a long term health condition (e.g. epilepsy, IBS, diabetes, etc.), a physical or a sensory condition. Support is tailored on an individual basis in order to ensure access to the most effective support for you. Some examples of support other students have found useful are:

  • Assessment adjustments (e.g. extra time, use of a PC, etc.)
  • Support with reading and research (e.g. extended book loans, assistance to locate or/and collect research material, access to alternative formats, etc.)
  • Access to specialist equipment and assistive software (e.g. text to speech to assist with research and proofreading, mind mapping to assist with planning and organising your work, a recording device to assist with note taking, etc.)
  • Access to course material on the Virtual Learning Environment 
  • Access to individual tutorials where your tutors can offer constructive feedback on your progress, check your understanding of the course and assignment requirements.
  • 1:1 Support (e.g Mentoring; you might be entitled to individual learning support, if you are eligible for DSA.  All students at UCA can access learning support through the learning development tutors, and learning and teaching librarians.)


How could this affect me?

Support for open days and applicant days

Open days are a really good opportunity to meet with the Disability & SpLD team to discuss your anticipated requirements. Please contact us to let us know if you require any support at an open day.

If you feel that you may have individual access or escape issues, we ask that you speak to the Disability team as soon as possible to allow for consideration of these before the start of your course.

For all other types of support requirements, we also encourage you to contact the Disability & SpLD team before you start.

  • What about funding?


In many cases:

    • UK students applying for higher education courses may be able to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance.
    • Students applying for further education courses can have their needs assessed at the University to look at what learning support we could offer you.

If you are in any doubt about financial arrangements or funding please visit the Disability & SpLD team.

What to do next?

Contact Student Services to find out more about the support available at UCA

Practical tips

Where possible we would suggest you contact our Disability Support Team as soon you have an offer of a place, even if you haven’t decided that you are definitely studying with us. This will give us plenty of time to talk about your support, give you an opportunity to look around our campus and ensure any support is in place for when you start.

Email: disability@uca.ac.uk 

Tel: 01227 817455

Tel: 01372 202431

Tel: 01252 892926

Tel: 01634 888714


Questions to think about

What support have I had in the past that has worked for me?

Do I need to arrange support for open days or inductions?

Do I know how to apply for DSA?

Where is my local Needs Assessment centre?


About the author

Article written by Jackie Hagan, Learning Support Coordinator, UCA Rochester